Clean Service——

Daily cleaning service projects. Some of the organs, enterprises, commercial buildings, schools, hospitals and other needs cleaning member fixed daily cleaning and maintenance, tedious work of pay to be completed by us. Professional cleaning company overall management, the owners simply signed an agreement with us, the settlement service charges can be.

We offer:

Office cleaning Business center cleaning Luxury shop cleaning Sales center cleaning Park cleaning Hospital cleaning Parking/perimeter cleaning Family/part-time cleaning…

We are also competent:

Wasteland cleaning Altitude cleaning Aerial operation Carpet cleaning Stone conservation floor waxing daily cleaning household clean…

We provide professional and accurate cleaning services:

Security Services——

The operation mode of advanced safety management, defense and technology combination

We can design for you:

Safety monitoring Internal guards Door guards Outside guards Fire management Garage management Vehicle management

We provide professional, accurate security services:

Our other services include——

Engineering maintenance Park management Environmental and public facilities maintenance Green management Canteen management Conference reception and service Cleaning material distribution

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