Wasteland Cleaning:

Wasteland cleaning is one of the important projects after the renovation of new homes, is the prelude to the daily cleaning of the property, is the owner's timely presence of security. Accept the Commission, the completion of the mission, let owners xiqian new environment, feel clean a new working and living space is undoubtedly the company open up wasteland underlines the value of the task, but also a difficult test.

Service Range:

General for building body, such as: the ground, metope, glass, radiator, stairs and handrails. May also include appendages, such as furniture, facilities, etc..

Operating Standards:

  1. Glass: visual clean bright; the box seam dust dirt, clean; window to get started touch smooth dust soil.
  2. Bathroom: no debris, no stains, sanitary ware touch smooth, shiny, no smell.
  3. Indoor and Hall: wall touch smooth, dust, lamps, furniture, equipment, and other public facilities clean.
  4. Door and frame: touch smooth, no dirt, no dust along the mouth, no dead, shiny.
  5. Ground: dust free dirt, no dirt, smooth and shiny surface, stone bright.


Depending on the project area and operation difficulty.

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